Happyland games
Based in Athens, Greece
Developing GO HEROES since 2019


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June 1, 2021

Release Date:
Q2 2022

3D puzzle adventure with turn-based movement and Tactical battles

PC (Windows, Mac, Linux)
Consoles (Switch, xBox, PlayStation)

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Explore the everlasting ancient Greek world through the eyes of Titan Prometheus in a story-based campaign with a voice narration that will guide you through his quest to acquire the Fire and return it to humanity.

Wander through the once flourishing lands of the mortals, rush into lava dungeons, sneak inside sacred chambers, and risk entering the underworld. Each area you reach through your journey is unique and linked with ancient myths, teeming with environmental puzzles that will challenge your observation, trustworthy companions, secrets to discover, stories to unravel, ancient relics to collect, and fearless enemies to fight.

Through your venture, you will encounter different types of opponents deriving either from the plot and myths or the natural environment with various behavior and skills, requiring a fast adjustment of your tactics in a unique mind-bending movement.

The innovation: Action-Turn-Based

Traveling over the vast grid-based levels in a straightforward four-directional movement, you will always move first in a turn-based logic. Still, the response of your enemies will be instant, rearranging the battlefield like a rhythmic choreography. With one goal, to surround and incircle you into tight, challenging spots.

At your disposal, a four-slot inventory that allows you to keep and swap armor and utilize abilities instantly with the touch of a button, allowing you to focus on the action.

This fluid, fast-paced movement will encourage you to push forward at great speed, often neglecting that every step has counteraction and every encounter is a tactical puzzle.


In 2017 at a game jam GO HEROES Prometheus was born. The concept was to develop a voxel-art, fast-paced, sliding-slot puzzle game based on Greek mythology. That day the game won 1st place, and the devs were thrilled. In the following months, they participated in conferences showcasing the prototype, collecting positive feedback, a couple of nominations, and awards.

In 2019 they decided to focus full-time on the development of GO HEROES and create a complete game. They enriched the initial idea with more visually pleasing low-poly graphics, bigger levels, extra mechanics, tactical battles, and full voice narration.

In 2021 after a long and rocky development, they have ended up with a story-rich world, innovative gameplay, and an hour-long demo. The next move is to run a Kickstarter campaign on June 1st, 2021, and get the much-needed support to push the game through to its completion.


  •  Vibrant Aesthetics with low-poly art; day and night cycle and 3D environmental sound design
  •  Lore and storyline are based on the original myths; Trust us, we are Greeks.
  •  A story-based campaign with active narration will guide you through the legend of the theft of the Fire.
  •  Innovative Action-Turn-Based tactical combat that holds the turn-based features and brings the rush of the action combat. Challenging and always fair.
  •  Intuitive Inventory System will allow you to equip and use your items and skills instantly.
  •  Obtain items-abilities through your venture. You will be given a choice of sets of mythical items to customize your character’s combat style.
  •  Physical Puzzles are woven into the environment you explore and will challenge your observation skills.
  •  Companions that will trust you with their lives and assist you to continue your journey.
  •  Secret areas filled with the toughest challenges and battles for expert adventurers.
  •  Permadeath Mode will challenge hardcore gamers and fulfill the roguelike fate of GO HEROES.

How we made it

Since Happyland is a studio of 2, the devs had to develop smart ideas to solve the issue of the demanding workload. So, they built an optimized working pipeline.
1) The 3D models are voxels transformed into marching cubes looking like low poly.
2) The multi-purposes custom shaders produce smooth aesthetics and can work in different models.
3) The original storyline of the myths produces an optimized plotline.

About the Developers

Happyland.games is an awarded indie game dev studio based in Athens, Greece, founded in 2017 by Marinos Pehlivanov and Vasiliki Tsiftsian. The developers are both veteran visual designers with almost two-decade working experience in the Creative Industry.

Vasiliki Tsiftsian

Bio: Vasiliki is holding years of experience in graphic design, visual arts, and branding. After acquiring creative writing and environmental narration skills, she is determined to unlock the secrets of immersive storytelling in games.

Roles: art direction, narrative design, environmental design, lore expert, communications

Marinos Boyko Pehlivanov

Bio: Marinos began his career as a visual artist, and after exploring several areas of visual communication, he acquired the skill of programming. Nowadays, he attempts to capture the essence of game design in a bottle.

Roles: programming, architectural design, level design, game design



  • IWO 2020 -Official Selection
  • BIG INDIE PITCH 2020 -Nominee
  • INDIE ARENA BOOTH 2020 -Official Selection


  • NGDC Finals – Peoples’ Choice Award -Winner
  • Athens “StartUP” Awards ’18 -2nd Place
  • Disrupt GREECE ’18 -Finalist


  • Prometheus Game Jam -Winner
  • Prometheus Game Jam-Honor
  • NGDC -Preliminaries -Winner
  • HAMAC -Winner


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