Happyland games
Based in Athens, Greece
Developing GO HEROES since 2019


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May 4, 2021

Release Date:
Q2 2022

3D puzzle adventure with turn-based movement and Tactical battles

PC (Windows, Mac, Linux)
Consoles (Switch, xBox, PlayStation)

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As the Titan Prometheus, you will venture into the depths of the mythical Greek world at a vital moment for human existence.

Thousands of years ago, Zeus, outraged with mortals, revokes their rights to prosper and deprives them of the Fire. Civilization is now collapsing as humans retreat and abandon their hopes for salvation.

Your goal is to explore the land of humans and the immortals’ realms as you attempt to acquire the Fire and return it to humanity. Through your venture, mythical creatures will fight you relentlessly, and unexpected riddles will block your course. Fear not, though, as you will create new paths, make allies and obtain powerful divine weapons and abilities to fulfill your quest.

GO HEROES combines smooth atmospheric aesthetics with fluid, fast-paced action and mind-challenging gameplay within a vast mythical world eager to be conquered.


GO HEROES was prototyped in 2017, at a Game Jam held by the National Technical Uni of Athens. They idea was to develop a voxel-art, fast-paced GO style game with deap story based on Greek mythology. The game won 1st place and an honour for synthesis of elements and the devs were thrilled. After that went back to their lives, but participated in conferences showcasing the prototyped demo. After the positive feedback, a couple of nominations and awards they decided in 2019 to focus fulltime on the development of the game. They transformed the initial idea, with a low-poly fresh looking game, with deeper mechanics, a unique inventory system and intuitive narration.


  •  Vibrant Aesthetics with low-poly art; day and night cycle and 3D environmental sound design
  •  Lore and storyline are based on the original myths.
  •  A story-based campaign with active narration will guide you through the legend of the theft of Fire.
  •  Innovative Tactical Turn-Based Combat that holds the turn-based features and brings the rush of the action combat. Challenging and always fair.
  •  Intuitive Inventory System will allow you to equip and use your items and skills instantly.
  •  Obtain items-abilities through your venture. You will be given a choice of sets of mythical items to customize your character’s combat style.
  •  Physical Puzzles that are woven into the environment you explore and will challenge your observation skills.
  •  Companions that will trust you with their lives and assist you to continue your journey.
  •  Secret areas are filled with the toughest challenges and battles for expert adventurers.
  •  Permadeath Mode will challenge hardcore gamers and fulfill the roguelike fate of GO HEROES.

How we made it

Due to the fact that Happyland is a studio of 2, the devs had to solve the major issue of workload. So, they built an optimised working pipeline.
1) The 3D models are voxels transformed into marching cubes looking like low poly.
2) The multi-purposes custom shaders, produce smooth aesthetics and can work in different models.
3) The original storyline of the myths, produces an optimized plotline.
4) The cinematics which are based on the camera movement.

About the Developers

GO HEROES is being developed by Happyland.games, a creative duet based in Athens, Greece. The developers are both veteran visual designers with an almost two-decade working experience in the Creative Industry.

Marinos Boyko Pehlivanov – Programming, Architectural Design, Level Design, Game Design
Vassiliki Tsiftsian – Art Direction, Narrative Design, Environmental Design, Lore expert, Communication



  • IWO 2020 -Official Selection
  • BIG INDIE PITCH 2020 -Nominee
  • INDIE ARENA BOOTH 2020 -Official Selection


  • NGDC Finals – Peoples’ Choice Award -Winner
  • Athens “StartUP” Awards ’18 -2nd Place
  • Disrupt GREECE ’18 -Finalist


  • Prometheus Game Jam -Winner
  • Prometheus Game Jam-Honor
  • NGDC -Preliminaries -Winner
  • HAMAC -Winner


Key Art