GO HEROES - Turn Based Strategy Puzzle Adventure Indie Game

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GO HEROES - Turn Based Strategy Puzzle Adventure Indie Game

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GO HEROES is an epic journey based on the Greek myth of Prometheus, the Fire Bringer. Tricky riddles and fearless enemies will block your quest! Cunning thinking and mythical weapons will carry you away on an epic adventure set in still existing landscapes of the everlasting ancient Greek world.

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The story unfolds inside the Ancient Greek mythical universe. We are counting more than two years in research on the myths, historical facts, ancient technology, and geography to build our narration and level design.


The gameplay is a mix of grid-based riddles, and turn-based battles, combined with narration, resulting in challenging puzzles. The game’s core loop is:


We have designed the game for Gamepad, Touchscreen, and Keyboard; we believe that the gamepad is most suitable for the pleasantest experience.


GO HEROES is being forged in the dungeons of the center of Athens by a creative duet.

Vasiliki and Marinos, both veteran visual designers, have gone developers out of their passion for building unique & imaginative journeys of adventures!


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